Trauma-informed Mindfulness for Antenatal Loss

I know firsthand the devastation of losing wanted pregnancies. From a first loss to multiple losses, we can be overwhelmed by confusion and grief. Anxiety can build when trying to conceive (TTC) after loss, and often there is physical disassociation during subsequent pregnancies. The isolation of pregnancy is real and is magnified in pregnancy loss. In cases of TFMR or Compassionate Induction, there can be even more loneliness.  

My own experiences of loss taught me how to apply meditation training in the most extreme heartbreak. In addition to an incredible support network of Birth Trauma Specialists, I know that mindfulness and meditation supported my capacity to live through the losses, the stillbirth and the recovery.

I work with trauma-sensitive counselling skills and mindfulness-based practices to help you tell your story, to free the weight of your complex feelings. Sadness, trauma, fear, anger, shame, guilt, any and all feelings are welcome and understood.  My somatic work helps you connect to your body again, and release the tension of strong emotions lodged in muscles and posture.

I know there is relief and life after loss. I can help you get there.



Sessions are 1 hour and are guided by your needs each time. I will learn the language and boundaries you need to feel safe telling your story. You will learn to use compassionate self-awareness to soothe fears and anxiety or whatever else arises. Mindfulness practices will help you connect to your feelings, your body and integrate the loss and grief. Together we will find the strategies that help you connect to your past, present and future with more ease, tenderness and resilience.

Feel free to email me with any questions. There are also spaces available for low-cost sessions. To get in touch, use the email form below or book a call.