My Approach

Change is possible. It's what has kept humanity adapting, existing and evolving but change can feel elusive when we're stuck in unhealthy patterns and self-sabotage under the trauma and stress of modern existence.


We have the power to live in alignment and awareness. To live without fear, build constructive habits, attune with our purpose, and discover resilience.


Through self-responsibility, curiosity and self-compassion we can learn to find the awareness to guide ourselves again, care for our bodies, mind, community and beyond.

The power to live fully is already within us, we just have to hone it.

Yoga's literal translation is union. Union has the potential to mean many things. To me and my approach, it is the union of the self with awareness. Awareness can feel like a general term, but it is key to transformation. Awareness is innate to us all but gets clouded by negative self-talk, rules, trauma, expectations, fear, depression, obligations and many more influences over which we often feel little control or gave no permission to receive.


Our innate awareness is what is meant when people say, "you have everything you need within you, you just have to uncover it." That is to say, our true, unclouded state, is one of connection, wisdom, kindness, resiliency, diplomacy, generosity, and gratitude but finding that consistently is a process of uncovering, and the practice of Yoga Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath control) Pratyahara (environment regulation) and Dhyana (meditation) are a few of several tools I will help you use for that uncovering.


The beauty of this all is that it means we have the capacity for self-empowerment. Teachers can be guides but the true root of transformation sits within you, you just need the tools, and then you practice, refine, develop and sharpen it over time.

My purpose is to guide you to hone your existence into the shape in which you flourish.

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