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Private Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a tool of deep transformation.


It's a chance to develop Awareness and intimacy with ourselves.


THIS is where we can find peace, connection, forgiveness and wisdom.

To me, meditation is like going to the gym for the mind. Similarly, just as we know the gym is good for us, we might avoid it. Meditation is indeed a form of training, and just like working with a trainer, working with a meditation teacher allows you to get the best training according to your needs -along with warm guidance and encouragement to traverse the points at which we find it too unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

Meditation comes in many forms, and Mindfulness is one form I use - it is the non-judgmental, compassionate observation of the present moment. As we learn to engage with that presence, we gain the remarkable capacity to know the self, soothe the self and evolve into the Self we truly are: expansive, wise, capable.

Mediation is having a particularly bright day in the sun lately- and while it’s amazing to see this collective desire to learn an ancient practice, there are a lot of people who find it hard, even impossible to do. This is why an individualised approach to learning meditation is so valuable.




-trauma-informeD means I gently hold you through any moments of discomfort and with the proper intake, we determine together, what ways will be safest and most comfortable to learn and practice.

-MBCT is a meditation instruction system that breaks down learning into digestible pieces, allowing you to understand why and how meditation works. This is a form of psycho-education that empowers you through your learning.

-somatic awareness came to me from my time as a competitive Muay Thai fighter and Crossfit athlete. This, coupled with my yoga training, allows me to work with your body awareness, posture, pain and rehabilitation. The mind-body connection is real and holds valuable information.


-inquiry and insight are ways of exploring whatever comes up during meditation. With curiosity, together we reflect on your thoughts and beliefs that arise from meditating -you aren’t left stranded dealing with worries or wondering what it all means.


sound-focused - using seed sounds to energise and tune into our subtle body
mantra - using set combinations of words to focus and settle the mind
object-focused - examples are using a flower or a candle to hone the mind’s attention
loving-kindness - guided meditation to enlarge contact with our heart space
walking meditation - moving our body with conscious awareness


1-1 - We'll get to know each other. I'll learn a little background from you and will introduce you to the introductory tenets of meditation. We'll work on posture, habits for successfully getting started and staying at it. It's advisable we do at minimum 3 sessions.

Group - These are tailored to your group's needs. These are privately arranged and can be for your family, a group of friends or whatever bunch of curious minds you gather together. Similar to the individual sessions, it's also advisable we do a minimum 3 sessions.

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