personalised yoga and mindful-living guidance
  • develop your personal practice

  • rehabilitate injury

  • balance posture

  • live with compassion and presence 

  • embody your purpose

  • integrate meditation and mindfulness

  • manage pain

  • incorporate constructive daily ritual

  • create an aligned life

  • discover your innate self-empowerment


Yoga tailored to your needs in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Meditation and mindfulness introduction and development in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

A unique combination of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and personal ritual development.

An intensive holistic approach to transformation through self-empowerment with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and ritual.

My Approach

Change is possible. It's what has kept humanity adapting, existing and evolving. But change can feel elusive when we're stuck in unhealthy patterns and self-sabotage under the trauma and stress of modern existence.


We have the power to live in alignment. To live without fear, build constructive habits, attune with our purpose, and discover resilience.


Through self-responsibility, curiosity, and compassion we can learn to find the awareness to guide ourselves again, to care for our bodies, mind, community and beyond.

The power to live fully is already within us, we just have to hone it.



Refine over a period of time

Give greater


About Me

My story is a familiar one of ambition and achievement leading to burn-out, disillusionment, shame, blame and depressive-patterns.

After years of struggling to rebound, insult to injury came in the form of miscarriage, loss of friendships, chronic pain, ill parents, and contending with entry into middle age.


What became the foundation of my healing was becoming a student of non-duality, meditation, yoga, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and  Psychotherapy, and anatomy & physiology. 

With myself as the science experiment, I've weathered the lows and learned how to rise again. Now I want to share that with you.

Learn to live in alignment









I didn't think Yoga was for me, as a 6'3" weight-lifter, but back pain caught up with me and I was in dire need of help. Camilla has taught me how to enjoy yoga, build the core strength to finally relieve the pain and have better posture throughout my day.

Ryan .S. Age 36

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